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Give your SmashFly users (Recruiters, Sourcers, Administrators, Employer Brand Managers, Digital Marketers, Social Media Strategists) the knowledge to increase user adoption, system efficiencies, and overall results of your SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Solution. Your organization will benefit from SmashFly University's comprehensive approach to education.

We offer a diverse set of training and educational content to help ensure organizational adoption of the SmashFly platform. Our SmashFly University experts provide real-world scenarios to enhance the knowledge gained by each learner.

SmashFly University Team

Realize your organization's recruitment marketing goals with the help of our SmashFly University experts. Our in-house professional educational specialists have an average of 20+ years of technical education experience, ensuring the highest ROI for your educational initiatives. Click here to learn more.


At SmashFly University, we strive to provide the learner with a superior educational experience that not only equips them to effectively use SmashFly to meet your organization's immediate goals, but also fosters continuous knowledge exploration. Click here to learn more.

Learning Options

We offer instructor-led, hands-on, interactive virtual or on-site training sessions for both end users and system administrators. We also have a SmashFly User Community for customer collaboration and learning. Click here to learn more.

Learning Paths

We have recommended learning paths for your Recruiters, Campaign Managers, Sourcing Specialists, Hiring Managers and Administrators. Click here to see the Learning Paths.

Course Catalog

SmashFly University offers a robust training curriculum. Click here to view all courses and their descriptions.

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