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Learning Options

SmashFly University offers a number of learning options for both end users and system administrators. Our options include:

Public: Virtual This option offers you flexibility to send one or more participants to a regularly scheduled public course. The course is taught virtually using WebEx, so students can participate from the comfort of their office. Each course is taught using our SmashFly training data base, and includes presentation of concepts, instructor demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and course materials for reference after each class.

Private Tailored: On Site or Virtual If you have a larger group that needs to be trained, consider a private, tailored engagement. We work with you to define the topics included in the training, produce tailored course materials, and conduct the course in your production data base. This can be done at your site or virtually. If we use your web meeting tool and audio, the private virtual training can be recorded.

Editable Materials with Coaching Choose this option if you have a large number of users to train and you have the staff to conduct the training. ​Editable Materials with Coaching is offered for all of our end user classes (JOB-EU101, JOB-EU102, CRM-EU101, CRM-EU102, and CRM-EU103). We provide one hour of coaching on the course regarding the preparation and delivery of the purchased course, as well as a thorough review of all materials including key tailoring points, demonstration assistance, and participant troubleshooting.

Staging procedures are also discussed and stepped through for comprehension and accurate session preparation. Also included is a PowerPoint in editable format with scripted notes, an editable Activity Guide with​ specific instructions for hands on exercises and an editable quick sheet that has the step-by-step instructions. At least two participants must attend either a public or private session of the relevant courses prior to attending the Train the Trainer, which can be conducted virtually or on site.

Learning Credits Purchase these units of value (credits) in exchange for SmashFly University services. These credits are valid for one year from the agreement date and are helpful when you need training throughout your implementation and post go-live. We help you track the credit usage through a weekly Learning Credits report sent to our Customer Success team. Click here to learn more.

SmashFly Community We also have a SmashFly User Community for customer collaboration and learning. To further enhance the SmashFly User Community, we offer bi-weekly Office Hours that allow users to call in and ask questions and seek one-on-one assistance.