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Natalie Williams – the SmashFly Spotlight is on you! 

Many of you may have met Natalie, over the phone, or in person, over the last three years that she’s been a part of the Customer Success Management (CSM) team at SmashFly.  What brought Natalie to SmashFly? She had heard about the company from another SmashFly employee that she used to work with at a prior company. She considered the opportunity, and the company; what it was and where it was looking to go, and was intrigued with the potential she saw to be a part of something bigger than anything she had previously done before. 

Natalie shared that one of the things she really likes about being at SmashFly is the team dynamic throughout the company.  She really appreciates the SmashFly culture and how everyone embraces the company’s values which create a fun, innovative and creative environment. When she needs to solve a problem that she can’t solve herself, she has access to multiple teams that can pull together and solve the problem to achieve the customer’s success.  She collaborates constantly across various teams to help present solutions for our customers’ business needs.

While working with a myriad of customers, Natalie enjoys focusing on making sure our customers can use SmashFly to bring a solution to a specific business problem.  Her approach is all about partnership.  

In June of 2017 she stepped into the role of manager for the CSM team and is working with her team to enhance a partnership focus on strategy and consultation.  The CSM team wants to ensure the bigger picture is being considered in helping SmashFly customers continue to move forward in their use of the SmashFly platform to ensure their talent acquisition success. The entire CSM team will help our customers define the value they get from SmashFly and provide recommendations on how to further enhance their business goals.  

When not in the office Natalie enjoys getting to spend time with her family; her husband Michael and her two young sons, Bennett and Preston.  They are always involved in kid friendly activities including going to the beach, spending time with family and going to amusement parks (Disneyland, Legoland and the San Diego Zoo are favorites). Other fun times are having people over for good food, and music, and the occasional bon fire in the backyard fire pit.

Natalie is looking forward to the new year for her and the entire CSM team. They hope to continue advancing partnerships with our customers, helping them leverage the SmashFly platform and ensuring their current and future success.  The SmashFly Team is fortunate to have Natalie and her positive attitude on the side of our customers!



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