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Mary Grace Hennessy – the SmashFly Spotlight is on you! 

Late in 2011 Mary Grace Hennessy joined the SmashFly team wearing multiple hats. Her original focus was on Sales and Customer Success, but her hat wearing knew no limits.  If an invoice needing generating - she was there.  Setting up office space – she was there.  Helping to close a sale – she was there.  As SmashFly continued to grow Mary Grace shifted her focus, in 2014, to one of her passions – Product Management.

She helped to build and scale the Product team and its operations to bring SmashFly’s new product expansions to market.  Her focus – to continue to drive innovation to help organizations drive success through Recruitment Marketing.  The Product team she leads now covers User Experience, Product Management and Documentation.  You have seen and felt the innovations and contributions her team and others at SmashFly have brought to fruition such as Release Notes, Release Methodology (Micro Boost, Boost and Release) and an expansive on line help repository throughout the SmashFly product.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes within the Product team.  Think of the SmashFly Product team as the liaison between you, the customer, and the Engineering and QA teams who build out new features or improve current features in the SmashFly platform.  Mary Grace enjoys managing the entire process, from clarifying and defining requirements, what we are building, what it looks like and how to communicate information in a consistent fashion to both employees and out to our customer base.

There are many things taken into consideration by the Product Management team.  Chief among them are the voice of the customers but additional factors include market macro trends and what analysts are talking about, globalization and compliance needs, as well as what employees and prospects are saying.  Right now, hot topics for the team include: launching SmashFly Analytics, Feedback Slates, Candidate Experience Personalization, Modern Career Site Tools inclusive of Zip/Radius based searching.  The team is also having fun researching AI transformations and how those might drive future roadmap initiatives as well as partner opportunities.

When she is not in the midst of Product Management activities and away from the office Mary Grace looks forward to time with her two children, Parker, 9 and Sarah, 7.  Both of her kids are enjoying school and Sarah is active on the baseball team.  In addition to being a busy SmashFly team member and parent Mary Grace recently trained for a 10 mile run and participated in the DC Annual Cherry Blossom Run. The entire family is looking forward to an upcoming summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.  

Mary Grace’s expertise and insight in driving the vision of moving Recruitment Marketing forward, and driving you and your organizations to success, bring her and her team’s efforts full circle.  She is an integral part of SmashFly and a valued member of our company. 





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