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Three Things to Try Today to Level up your Recruitment Marketing

The Recruitment Marketing Consulting team and I have been working with our own employer brand and Recruitment Marketing while helping you with yours, and we’ve identified three things that you could do today that will help you grow and extend your recruitment marketing efforts and ultimately your results.

Study the Experience

Spend an hour today auditing your employer brand and recruitment marketing from the lens of the candidate. Google a role at your company and your company name. Where do you come up? Are you on page one? If so, give yourself a pat on the back. When you link to that job, read your site like you were a candidate. Do you know what you do? Do you know the impact you could make as someone who knows little about your organization? If not, you now can see what content you need to create and/or edit on your career site and in your job descriptions. 

Next, try to apply. If it takes you more than 15 minutes, look for ways to streamline this. If 90% of the workforce is open to new jobs, yet 29% of people would rather wait in line at the DMV all day than apply for a job, chances are you are not capturing the best talent because the experience is broken. Look for ways to eliminate friction and frustration and then make a plan for the coming 6 months to impact that experience. 

After making changes to streamline the apply process, you should start to see an increase of the number of conversions of quality talent.

Email your Talent Network

This can be so scary for people. It seems terrifying to click send to 200,000 people. So, warm up to it. Take a list of people in your database that is less scary. Craft a simple email that will tell the candidate something interesting to them, something about your organization, and a link to some relevant openings. If you need help with a template, reach out to me and my team and we can help you. Some ideas on what to send:

Something Valuable to Them
- Tips on being a great candidate
- Help writing and positioning their skills
- Identifying a company’s culture

This content can come from any source. We use content from The Muse, Work It Daily, or LinkedIn Pulse. It builds credibility with the audience, makes them keep the message longer, and you don’t have to write it, just credit it!

Something about your Organization
- Did you win an award? Talk about it
- Do something noteworthy? Share it 

Simplify your Talent Form

Talent Network Forms are such useful tools. It’s why we all use them to generate leads. My tip is this: Streamline the number of required fields. This is a potential candidate (a lead) and they are going to fill out an application (if they have time). You don’t need to collect 10 pieces of data on this form. Take a look at your forms, find fields you don’t need. For every field you add, you diminish your conversion rates. Try to keep these forms to no more than 5 required fields. You need to know who they are, how you can get in touch with them and what they’re interested in. Beyond that, you can set up a follow on campaign to learn more, but you’ll maximize your conversions by keeping it very simple.

Recruitment Marketing is always changing! Take advantage of these three opportunities to level up your brand and ultimately your Recruitment Marketing results.

Tracey Parsons is SmashFly's foremost Recruitment Marketing expert and the head of our Recruitment Marketing practice.  If you would like help with any of these tips, please reach out to Tracey Parsons at  

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