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Welcome to The Rocket Connection!

I’m thrilled to present this latest edition of our Rocket Connection Newsletter to our valued customers! Over the last few years we’ve seen steady growth in interest in the content we have to share here. This aligns well with what we are seeing in the market as the Recruitment Marketing discipline takes shape.

As SmashFly we are continuously challenging ourselves to be more than just a software provider. We hope to be a valued partner that provides ongoing insights to the companies we serve to help them to be successful in adopting more effective recruiting techniques. We are always pushing for ongoing improvement in the services we provide to ensure we are advocating for best practices in all that we do. 

Within this edition of the newsletter I hope you will find useful information that will help you to leverage SmashFly’s technology to attract great talent and advance your recruitment brand. We are also very excited to tell you more about the new way we are presenting the metrics behind our Recruitment Marketing Platform and our new Events offering. 

Thanks for reading and thank you again for your continued partnership!

Ted Ruscitti
Chief Customer Office



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