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Ginay Tannenbaum – the SmashFly Spotlight is on you! 

Everyone at SmashFly knows Ginay Tannenbaum, our Director of Human Resources.  Here’s your chance to get to know her too.

Ginay joined SmashFly three years ago on September 29.  How did she first discover SmashFly? While searching Indeed for a HR position with a company that had an HR product, she discovered the SmashFly website.  After 25 years in HR and Technology, she was ready for something new and was intrigued to find out more about SmashFly. She responded to a job posting on our website and after a phone screen, she interviewed directly with Mike Hennessy, our CEO. Would you believe they had a two-hour interview?  Well, at the end of two hours Mike offered her the job and asked if she could start immediately.

On her first day, Mike handed her anything that had to do with HR; recruiting, payroll, benefits and an ‘oh by the way’, we are expanding our footprint in our corporate office building and taking over the 1st floor - you will need to build out the entire 1st floor.  What a day one!  Talk about juggling many hats and responsibilities.  While getting settled and figuring everything out, Ginay found out benefits were coming up November 1st.  Remember, she started on September 29th.  Whew!  She took it all on and successfully achieved the goals outlined for her.  Not only did she get Benefits enrollments up in time, she expanded benefits across the company.  

Within the myriad of responsibilities Ginay has, working in collaboration with people and recruiting are her favorite areas of focus.  She has embraced using the SmashFly platform for our own internal recruiting endeavors.  She was instrumental with other team members in expanding the SmashFly Career site to be more than just a list of jobs – she was empowered to roll out an entire Jobs Career site.  She worked with an internal team and then a web developer and had our own Technical Services team place those plans into action. The SmashFly Career site includes testimonials and other different components.  She also worked closely with our Product Management team in alpha testing the Referrals portal including program and workflow components. Also, in designing the SmashFly Careers site, rather than only having one button to join our Talent Network, a second button was placed at the bottom of the screen as well.  It seems so simple, yet that simple design element has brought more people into our Talent Network than only having a Join button at the top of the page. Her input has raised the bar for SmashFly’s Career Site.

After a full day of juggling many tasks and projects at SmashFly, Ginay enjoys going to hot yoga classes when time allows.  Yes, hot yoga – can you say 110 degrees?  That’s dedication and flexibility!  She has two children, a son in college and a daughter in high school.  Her dog, Avi, who is an Australian Labradoodle is an unofficial SmashFly mascot.   Avi comes in to the office frequently and sometimes joins Ginay during interviews. Of many favorite pastimes, Ginay enjoys hiking with her Avi, and going to the beach in summertime and the occasional wine tasting event. Her love for beach and traveling has taken her to Barbados three times in the last year and a half.  

Ginay’s influence on people and collaboration are interwoven throughout SmashFly.  She added a fun sign, purchased at a garage sale, for the employee hangout, the River Room.  What does it say?  “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”.  The perfect combination of getting the work done and celebrating it together.  Her many contributions are appreciated by the entire SmashFly team!





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