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Take your Recruitment Marketing Skills to the Next Level with the Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification!

Have you heard about Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification?  SmashFly is in the process of piloting this new program to help promote and expand recruitment marketing knowledge. The first four sessions have been completed and over 1000 people have attended.

The Recruitment Marketing Certification program is comprised of 9 hours of coursework, 9 practice quizzes and 1 final exam.  Here are the topics covered in each of the 9 courses:

- RM 101 : Recruitment Marketing: Your Intro to a New Discipline
- RM 102 : Define, Activate, Amplify: Bringing Your Employer Brand to Life
- RM 103 : Social Media: How to Cultivate a Brand Persona That's Human
- RM 104 : Job Marketing: Finding the Right Channel Mix and Spend
- RM 105 : Data to Insight: Measuring Success to Prove Your Value
- RM 201 : Content that Compels and Converts: Telling your Brand Story
- RM 202 : Nurturing Leads: The Craft to Building Relationships Through Campaigns
- RM 203 : SEO: Recruitment Marketing in the Digital Age
- RM 301 : Master Class: Creating a Framework and Plan

After the pilot has been completed we are looking forward to this program becoming an official offering from SmashFly in 2018. More details will be shared as we define this new offering for you.

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