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Feedback Slates are Here!

The new Feedback Slates capability opens a host of new opportunities for how collaboration can occur among recruiters and sourcers, managers, and others, enabling more efficient evaluation of candidates. Using Slates, SmashFly CRM users can generate a “living list” of contacts that can be shared outside of the SmashFly product. 

Feedback Slates are built with a mobile-first design, giving users who receive a Slate the ability to review and interact with it in both online and offline modes. This functionality allows for an on-the-go experience for users who use Feedback Slates on-site at Events or while traveling. 

A user, such as a hiring manager, receives a list of candidates for consideration, along with the contact information that is in the Feedback template. The user reviews the information and can respond by indicating whether they are interested in the candidate or not. All without logging into SmashFly!

Here are some sample screen shots of what this can look like on a mobile device:

To learn more about Feedback Slates, click here to view a short video.

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