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Brands: Be Useful, not just “Human”
In this article, Tracey Parsons, SmashFly’s VP of SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Center of Excellence, challenges you to make your Employer Brand not just human and personal but also to make being Useful your new goal.

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Employee Advocacy Ideas to Start Tomorrow
How do you become known as a top place to work and stand out to the people you seek to hire? The best answer is sitting near you every day. It’s your employees! Read this article written by a respected HR and Talent Acquisition leader to help you implement some new employee advocacy ideas.

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Is Unconscious Bias Driving Conscious Bias?
Every day, we make tons of decisions, assumptions and judgments about people without even realizing it. Based on our own unique world view, our unconscious bias fills in the blanks of what we don’t know about others. This kind of bias isn’t hateful or wrong; we’re often not even aware of it. But it is difficult to rewire. Read this article for more insight into our unconscious bias.

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