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A Selection of Tracey’s Recruitment Marketing Tips

The following 5 ideas were explored in more depth in previous newsletters.  Enjoy revisiting these ideas as a new recruiting year is about to get under way.
Think About the Recipient
When you’re constructing an email to your Talent Network or Community, ask yourself this: “Would I open this message?” “Would I click this?” If the answer is no, re-think the communication.

Share What’s Relevant
You want your employer content to be there when that talent/job seeker is having a bad day and thinking about changing roles. 

Measure What’s Working
SmashFly gives you the ability to generate marketing links that can be used in your email messages/campaigns to your Talent Network/Community. Develop a baseline and keep measuring how your content performs month over month.

Secret Shop
At SmashFly, we regularly secret shop our process to look for opportunities to make it better, more differentiated and streamlined. 

Understand the Candidate Journey
In our journey map, we took a look at what the candidate was doing, thinking, expecting and feeling throughout the journey.  We uncovered significant opportunities for our business to improve the candidate’s journey.

Tracey Parsons is SmashFly's foremost Recruitment Marketing expert and the head of our Recruitment Marketing practice.  If you would like help with any of these tips, please reach out to Tracey Parsons at  

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