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Bradley Burt – the SmashFly Spotlight is on you!

You might not have met Bradley in person but there is a good chance you are familiar with his voice and have benefited from his knowledge of features and functionality through SmashFly training sessions.  Bradley is a Senior Trainer who has been part of our Global Education Services team since early November 2014. He is based in Phoenix, AZ.  

Bradley is an experienced technical trainer within the SaaS (software as a service) industry. His background in training started in the ATS space with Brassring back in 2001.  After Brassring, Bradley moved to Vurv. Bradley stayed with Vurv through its acquisition by Taleo and the later acquisition of Taleo by Oracle. 

What brought Bradley to SmashFly?  For one thing, he missed the excitement of working in a small, quickly-growing company.  He also loves helping customers succeed! At SmashFly, Bradley is able to do this in a very tangible way by building a relationship between SmashFly’s customers and our Recruitment Marketing Platform.  Bradley found he couldn’t always get that in a large corporation.  

Before getting into the training field Bradley was a Russian linguist in the Navy who then took a turn at selling real estate. It might not surprise you to learn that Bradley was also an actor.  Stepping into a training role fit his natural talents at engaging an audience and being able to communicate ideas using analogies and examples that help to reinforce new technical knowledge.  He is successful in communicating a message through story telling. 

Bradley’s priority and focus go beyond teaching the mechanics of the system; he incorporates best practices along with instructions on how to use the features.  His approach results in delighted SmashFly customers.  Bradley emphasizes the importance of proper training and how aligning recruitment practices using the SmashFly platform can result in improvements within an organization’s daily recruiting processes. 

When Bradley is away from the office he and his wife Beth work with the local community theatre.  Recently he was the Assistant Director of a local youth theater group’s production of Pippin.  Bradley is also an avid dog fan.  He and Beth adore Otis (a Pug) and Sadie (a Labrador). One of his other passions is travel.  In fact, he is still feeling jet lag from a recent trip to Thailand for a week.  He and Beth spent time on a small island (whose name he can’t pronounce) to snorkel, hang out, and relax.

We at SmashFly benefit greatly from Bradley’s ability to instill excitement and curiosity about the SmashFly platform.  We are so privileged to have him on our team!



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