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Look for Events to be Generally Available in Q1 of 2017!

SmashFly’s upcoming Events module allows customers to promote and manage Events, as well as nurture the contacts that are acquired through the Event campaigns, as a part of their overall recruitment and Employment branding strategy.

With the Events module, you can:

- Have Open or Limited/Selective registration
- Set a maximum number of attendees and a waitlist
- Configure minimum targets for registrants, with a target deadline
- Have both Internal and External Attendees, with different parameters for each
- Create Workflow reminders and follow ups
- Create Event Templates

Many recruiting departments attend and/or host hundreds of recruiting events each year, including Campus, Diversity, and Military career fairs and other events like Hack-a-thons, Information sessions, and Training seminars.  Let SmashFly Events help you manage them! 

SmashFly University was one of the Early Adopters for the Events module.  See Events in action on our website:

Talk to your Customer Success Manager today about adding Events!

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