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Have you Heard About the SmashFly LinkedIn User Group?

Are you curious about how other organizations and their teams may be incorporating SmashFly into their Talent Acquisition strategies?  Are you looking to network with other SmashFly customers? The SmashFly LinkedIn User Group can assist you and your team by connecting you with other SmashFly users. This group is a home for SmashFly users to connect, engage and share best practices of using the Platform and conducting great recruiting strategies.

It’s easy to sign up. Just click this link.

Once your SmashFly LinkedIn User Group request is approved you are able to become an active part of this SmashFly community.  You can review the conversation topics.  You can view the list of members and send messages directly to another group member.  

Currently there are over 100 members; 75% are from 40 different SmashFly customer organizations and 25% are SmashFly team members.
Take advantage of connecting with this SmashFly community! Hope to see you in the conversations in the New Year!

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