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SmashFly University Free Course Recordings

We have recorded the SmashFly University public courses to provide another opportunity to you and your teams to have access to available just in time  training.  We realize not everyone's schedule allows them to attend our interactive hands-on instructor led courses.

We will strongly encourage you to attend our hands-on training sessions, but for those that need a quick refresher or are really short on time, these recordings will be a great resource.  Most of these recordings are an hour in length unless otherwise notes.

Use the links below to register for any of the following recordings.

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SmashFly Overview Recording - 6 mins

New to SmashFly? Get started by watching this 6 minute video. Highlights include: How can SmashFly help your organization Hire with Purpose? What is Recruitment Marketing? Where does SmashFly fit in with your organization's other HR technology systems? What modules are included with SmashFly? After watching this video, you'll be better prepared to attend courses offered through SmashFly University.

EVT-EU101 (Internal Pilot)​ - 3 Hours
Want to get started using SmashFly Events?  Watch this recording of our Internal Events Pilot that covers the fundamentals of ​Events module.  Participants will see how to: access the system, post and update Events for both Internal and External audiences, manage registrations, keep registrants informed and updated on Event details, promote Events using various campaign tactics, and monitor Event metrics.

Job-EU101 Recording​
Just getting started using SmashFly Job Marketing? Then this introductory recording that covers the fundamentals of ​Job Marketing is for you!  Listeners will learn how to: access the system, add and use SmashFly Easy Links, post and update jobs on job boards, access SmashFly as a candidate, run campaigns to social sites, promote a single job to various geographic locations, and review job posting status and metrics. Learn how to get the most out of your Job Marketing!

Job-EU102 Recording
Ready to learn more about Job Marketing in SmashFly? Take your campaigning to the next level viewing this intermediate Job Marketing recording that focuses on Job Campaigns. Topics include how to run the following campaigns: Job Email, Talent Network, and SMS. In addition, participants will learn to create multiple instances of job postings and how to leverage Job Lists and their associated Contacts.


CRM-EU101 Recording
Get ready to add contacts to your SmashFly database! There are multiple ways to add contacts to your database so you can communicate with them about your jobs. Watch this introductory course recording that covers the fundamentals of Contact Relationship Management (CRM). Participants will learn about accessing the system, using Talent Network Forms, and adding Contacts to the system via GrabIt! link, eMail Inhaler, Bulk Import, Data File Import, and Web Sourcing. Additional topics include working with Feedback Requests and Companies.

CRM-E102 Recording
Take your CRM skills to the next level. In CRM-EU101, you learned about adding Contacts to your SmashFly database. Now take this intermediate CRM course that focuses on leveraging the contacts you've gathered. Watch this recording to learn how to run, save, and edit a Contact Search; work with and change Contact List Views and Folders; set Contact Status; add tasks and notes; and manage Contacts using Tags.

CRM-E103 Recording
You've gathered and managed Contacts in your SmashFly database. Now what?  Watch this advanced CRM recording that focuses on campaigning to your Contacts. Learn to work with a variety of campaigns, including CRM Job Email, Marketing Email, SMS Marketing, and Marketing Links Campaigns. Learn how to send manual emails to contacts as well as monitor your campaigns to see what's getting the results you need.

SMF-RP201 (With Modern Analytics)​​
In this recording, you will learn about the different Standard Reports and SmashFly Analytic Dashboards. Topics include running a standard report, navigating Analytic Dashboards, working with Dashboard Widgets, drilling into and downloading data, and using Filters. The class will also include use cases for some of the Dashboards.

SMF-RP201 (Internal Audience and Standards Reports are NOT Covered)​​
In this recording, you will learn about the different SmashFly Analytic Dashboards. Topics include navigating Analytic Dashboards, working with Dashboard Widgets, drilling into and downloading data, and using Filters. The class will also include use cases for some of the Dashboards.​​

SMF-RP201 (​Recording​ with Special Guest Mary Grace Hennessy​)
In this recording, you will learn about the different types of reports and dashboards, including standard reports, performance dashboards, and analytic cubes. Participants will locate and run standard reports, open and manipulate metrics in the Ad Performance dashboard, slice and dice job and contact data in the Posting and Contacts cubes, and use reporting tools such as export, bookmark, and share.  This was a special session for SmashFly Employees that Joan Waggoner conducted with Mary Grace Hennessy also attending and answering questions.​

SMF-SA201 Recording​
Help your organization get the most out of SmashFly's features by attending this introductory course that covers the fundamentals of SmashFly Administration. Watch this recording to learn how to: access and add to the media library, work with Privilege and Sourcing Groups, add and modify Users, create teams, manage Source Codes, manage web sourcing accounts, and review job board settings.

SMF-SA202 Recording​
Move beyond the basics of SmashFly Administration in this intermediate course that covers Content Configuration. Watch this recording to learn how to: create and use Custom fields, build Talent Forms, create Job and Marketing Email Templates, and create Workflows to automate recruiting activities.​​


​CMS-SA201 Recording​​
Watch this recording to learn what content can be updated and added by CMS Administrators. You will learn about the different kinds of pages that comprise a Career Marketing Site and how they can be modified. Topics include how to add custom content (text, images, videos) on a standard page and how to create custom pages to elevate your corporate brand or to highlight a hiring initiative.

This class is not intended to teach HTML, although knowledge of or access to someone who knows HTML is needed to take full advantage of creating and editing Career Marketing Site pages.​